Photo of man holding stomach

12 Early Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer accounts for approximately 3% of all cancers in the United States and 7% of all cancer deaths. Although men are slightly more likely than women to be diagnosed at an estimated 30,400 cases each year, women are almost just as susceptible with 27,200 cases.

Drawing of Doctor holding up a human liver

10 Best Foods for Your Liver

Several disorders can damage the liver, causing larger health consequences. Let us help you (and your liver) out with these 10 best foods for your liver!

conditions that can develop as you get older

40 Conditions That Can Develop as You Get Older

Getting older is tough, and the medical problems that come with it are even tougher. Here are the conditions to look out for.

once popular stores that no longer exist

30 Once-Popular Stores That No Longer Exist

Let’s take a break from our online wish lists and reflect on several once-popular stores that are no longer with us. Some might be missed more than others, but they all have a place in American shopping history.

Donald trump standing at a podium

5 Surprising Ways Donald Trump Makes Money

Recently-fired reality star and Republican candidate Donald Trump claims he’s worth over $10 billion. Where does his money come from?

A microwave meal that didn't live up to the expectations

10 Products that Never Live Up to the Advertisement

These products promise the moon, but deliver a hot mess, not unlike a plummeting piece of space junk.

A socialite, a pantsapreneur, and a former NFL cheerleader

The 17 Most Ridiculous Job Titles on 'The Bachelor' & 'The Bachelorette'

Whether or not these occupations are real, they caught our attention. From pantsapreneurs to dog lovers, here are the worst of the worst.

A nurse on duty

10 Best States for Nurses

We've combined the highest nursing salaries with the cheapest cost of living in each state. Here are the 10 best states for nurses.

A woman takes a tour of a cruise ship

25 Jobs to Make Money While Traveling the World

If the typical 9-5 career doesn't sound interesting, don’t fret: there are many jobs out there that can provide a decent income while also traveling the world.

what Chernobyl looks like now

Here's What Chernobyl Looks Like Now

If, like most of us, you'd rather click through a gallery of what remains of Chernobyl than risk being exposed to radiation, here's a digital Chernobyl tour.

30 Best Small Cities in the United States

30 Best Small Cities in the United States

These towns have under 100,000 residents, a slower pace, a lower cost of living, and plenty of cool things to do!

As of yet, Americans still can't travel to Cuba.

30 Places Americans Can’t (or Shouldn't) Visit

Whether it's difficulty obtaining a visa, pickpocketing, or something more sinister, these countries should be on your to-don't list.

weightlifting olympian

Here's How Much Olympians Around the World Make for Winning Medals

Depending on the country they win a medal for, Olympians can get paid quite a bit! The countries that pay out the most? We didn't really expect it. Facts and figures from CNBC, MoneyUnder30, The Independent, Wikipedia, and Forbes. All amounts are converted to United States dollars based on current conversion rates.

Clear shoe organizer holding bulky beauty products.

Organizational Hacks for Your Bathroom

Maximize your bathroom space with these 20 organizational tips!

best hairstyles for short hair

30 Best Hairstyles for Short Hair

Is it time for a change? We have 30 hairstyles that look stunning with short hair of varying lengths.

images of two celebs

States With the Best and Worst Graduation Rates

Some states are doing a great job educating their students while others...let's just say they need a little help.

Chicken ring things

10 School Lunch Foods We Miss

Here's a glimpse of the wonderfulness that you looked forward to in the lunch line that your kids may never get to experience.

Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen show off their unique school uniform styles

10 Most Iconic School Uniforms

From rugby stripes that decorated Hogwarts to the sailor uniform Sailor Moon wore when she wasn’t fighting evil by moonlight.

a small yellow vanguard sebring citicar

The Weirdest-Looking Cars of All Time

Do car manufacturers just compete to create the most out-of-this-world vehicle they can imagine?

coolest car the year you were born

The Coolest Cars from the Year You Were Born

Whether you're a flower child of the 1960s or a hairspray veteran of the 1980s, you'll find the best model on the road from the year you said hello to the world

toyotas ranked by reliability

Toyotas Ranked by Reliability

Here, we're diving deep into the Toyota lineup to uncover the top 10 models known for their rock-solid performance, laying out Toyota's most dependable rides.